Invited Speakers (in Alphabetical Order) 

Mary-Louise GILL  (Brown University, USA),  Image of the Philosopher in the Prologue of Plato's Sophist

Noburu NOTOMI  (University of Tokyo, Japan),  Images and Imagination in Plato's Republic and Sophist

Dominic J. O'MEARA  (University of Fribourg, Switzerland),  The Architectural Image of the World in Plato's Timaeus

Authors of Presentations (in Alphabetical Order) 


William ALTMAN (Independent Scholar, Brazil),  To Which Branch of εδωλοποιική Do the Eleatic Stranger’s Own εκόνες Belong?

Xanthippe BOURLOYANNI (Academy of Athens, Greece),  Phantasia and Images in the Sophist 

Christopher BUCKELS (Junípero Serra High School, USA),  Images in Republic V-VII in Light of the Timaeus 

 Ji-Yun BYUN  (Seoul National University, Korea),  Two Kinds of Truth and Falsehood in Plato’s Sophist

Carlotta CAPUCCINO (Università di Bologna, Italy),  Speaking through Images: A Platonic Model of Analogical Argumentation 

Martina DI STEFANO (Università di Pavia, Italy),  A Shellfish on the Path of Truth: Funny Images and Philosophical Imagination in Plato’s Dialogues

Serena GREGORIO (Freie Universität Berlin / Justus Liebig Universität Gießen, Germany),  Is Plato’s Take on Phantasia of Any Interest for Contemporary 
                                 Accounts of Imagination? 

Irene HAN (New York University, USA),  La Nouvelle Vague: The Liquid Feminine in Plato’s Republic 

Hua-kuei HO (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan),  Mimetic Images in Plato’s Cratylus 

Doina Cristina IONESCU (Catholic University of America, USA),  Likenesses and Appearances in Plato's Sophist 

I-Kai JENG (National Taiwan University, Taiwan),  Speeches as Images of Being: Phaedo 99d4-100a8 and Sophist 254d4-256e7 

Xi JI (Zhejiang University, China),  Image and Knowledge In Plato’s Timaeus 

Iouseok KIM (Seoul National University, Korea),  Images as the Means of Governing the Appetite — The Role of the Liver In Plato’s Timaes (71a-d) — 

Soojin KIM (Yonsei University, Korea),  Image as a Milestone for Truth 

Yuji KURIHARA (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan),  Two Images in Plato’s Statesman 277a-d 

Jong Hwan LEE (University of Seoul, Korea),  The Role of Imagination in Anticipatory Pleasure 

Yoon Cheol LEE (Chungnam National University, Korea),  Diotima's Use of Images 

Zdenek LENNER (EPHE Paris / ENS Lyon, France),  Eros and Anteros in the Phaedrus: Rivalry, Reciprocity, or Reflection?

David Xavier LÉVYSTONE (Universidad Panamericana, Mexico),  Plato’s Dreams: Oneiric Images, Divination and Knowledge

Cynthia LIU (Oxford University, UK),  Re-evaluating Images in Plato’s Philosophy through His Use of Mystery Language

Samuel MEISTER (Brown University / University of Toronto, USA),  The Ontology of Images in Plato’s Timaeus

Nickolas PAPPAS (CUNY Graduate Center, USA),  Sightings of the Soul 

Christoph POETSCH (Universität Heidelberg, Germany),  Body, Soul, Form – and Image. The Relevance of the Image for a Detailed Understanding 
                                  of Plato’s Ontology

Hoseup RHEE (Seoul National University, Korea),  True Logos as eikōn of Forms 

Karine Tordo ROMBAUT (Institut de Philosophie de l’Université Grenoble-Alpes, France),  The Relevance of Interpreting Plato’s Criticism of 
                                  Image-Making as Self-Directed 

Avshalom M. SCHWARTZ (Stanford University, USA),  Imagination and Falsehoods in Plato’s Political Thought 

Thomas SEISSL (Universität Wien, Austria),  On What Time Is Not: Image and Number in Plato’s Account of Time in the Timaeus

Jenny STRANDBERG (Stony Brook University, USA),  Faking it Right: The King as an Informed Imitator of the True Statesman 

Yu-Jung SUN (University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France),  False Pleasure in the Philebus: Can Soul Be Prisoned in a World Purely Made of 
                                 Images without Any Contact with Reality? 

Jan SZAIF (University of California, Davis, USA),  The Role of Mental Images in Anticipatory Pleasures (Philebus 38a-40e) 

Welcome & Farewell Address (in Alphabetical Order) 

Dae-Ho CHO   (President of the Korean Society of Greco-Roman Studies, Korea)

Hyekyong KIM  (President of the Korean Society for Western Classical Philosophy, Korea)

Heon KIM   (Editor in Chief for the Journal of Greco-Roman Studies, Korea)

Chairpersons (in Alphabetical Order)

Hunsang CHUN   (Sogang University, Korea)

Hua-kuei HO   (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)

Min-Jun HUH   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Sung-Hoon KANG   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Dohyoung KIM   (Kongju National University, Korea)

Hyekyong KIM   (Inje University, Korea)

Johann KIM   (Jeonbuk National University, Korea)

Soojin KIM   (Yonsei University, Korea)

Kyo-Sun KOO (Chungang University, Korea)

Chang-Uh LEE   (The Catholic University of Korea, Korea)

Jong Hwan LEE   (University of Seoul, Korea)

Yoon Cheol LEE   (Chungnam National University, Korea)

Yungwhan LEE  (Ewha Womans University, Korea)

Satoshi OGIHARA   (Tohoku University, Japan)

Sungwoo PARK   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Yun-rak SOHN   (Dongguk University, Korea)

Euree SONG   (Kyung Hee University, Korea)


Organizing Committee (in Alphabetical Order)

Dae-Ho CHO   (Yonsei University, Korea)

Hua-kuei HO   (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)

Sung-Hoon KANG   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Satoshi OGIHARA   (Tohoku University, Japan)

Euree SONG   (Kyung Hee University, Korea)

Assistance (in Alphabetical Order) 

Sang Hyun BAE   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Sehyeok GWON   (Seoul National University, Korea)

Jaesung YOON   (Seoul National University, Korea)

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